"Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here."


"Mankind’s next step will be our greatest."


An Interview with Dylan Hoang and the Cast of Counterclock


About a week ago I sat down with filmmaker and film human extraordinaire Dylan Hoang to have a lengthy chat about his creative process and the gears that keep his brain chugging along the film reel. His new movie Counterclock is what’s on his mind, and he proves that by opening his skull to let…

Nice article on my upcoming film Counterclock!

"Are you watching closely?"

The Prestige (written and directed by Christopher Nolan)


I have two moods 

One is highly sophisticated intellectual who goes into complex thoughts and is always moody and deep

the other is an immature 5 year old that doesn’t know how to control herself or her language or her actions

there is no inbetween

Haha truth!

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